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「You were very helpful. Thank you.」

「Oh, that’s good! Thanks to you guys, I was saved from all the accumulated requests!」

When we were exchanging farewells with Bons-san,

「Uoooooo… Allen… It feels so lonely already…」

「Aa, Ria-jou and Rose-jou… Two flowers who soothed our hearts… Kuuu…」

「Come and see us again at any time! You will be free after classes, right?」

All of the magic swordsmen, including Dread-san, were saddened by our departure.

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There are places where they are a little rough in their actions and behaviors, but…

When you hangout with them, you’ll understand that they are all kind, good-natured people.

「It was only a month, but thank you for everything…!」

「We are also grateful to you! If you are ever in town again, please call us!」

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「Till we meet again.」

After saying our goodbyes to everyone, we left the Magic Swordsman Association.

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The sky had already darkened, and a slightly cool breeze calmed my body and mind.

「Haa… A lot of things happened, but being a magic swordsman was fun.」

「Un, at first I was surprised, but… When it was over, it all turned out to be really fun.」

「Being a Magic Swordsman is fun.」

Until now, I’ve had a big idea of becoming a Holy Knight, working for the people, and getting a stable salary. But this month’s experience broadened my horizons a little. Becoming a magic swordsman, listening to the wishes of people, a lifestyle that helps everyone… it wasn’t too bad.